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Painting the stuff you own

Painting the stuff you own

Not much to say on this one, the brilliant Ann’s Imaturium blog put out a challenge for the month to paint the crap out of the stuff you own, the rules, simply, paint stuff you own not buy new stuff… This tied in nicely with a personal hobby goal of my own, I decided that […]

Loads of battle of the Bulge stuff

Loads of battle of the Bulge stuff

Armed Civillians

These are from the Wargames Factory apocalypse survivors sets. I bought them a few years ago and used the bulk of them then for various projects. I fancied painting a few more. I tried to give them a bit of a retro vibe, with the classic trainers and denims. The boxes are a great sets of minis, […]

LRDG Ford with Bofors AT Gun

Terrain and Soldiers for North Africa

As the title says, a couple of hills and some painted Perry Miniatures DAK and 8th Army.

Scratch built Adobe mud houses

I have been building up my DAK and 8th Army forces for some time, and have began to think about putting together a few games, mainly based around SAS raiding parties, but more on that another time. I decided I next need to make some terrain, and set about making a couple of mud brick dwellings. […]

Opel Blitz

One of the logistics work horses of the German armed forces this 3 tonne truck saw action in every they’re the Germans fought in. I have painted this one to look extremely weathered and battered. I wanted it to look like it has seen many miles and lots of action. The kit is a Warlotd […]

U.S. Army part two

This time it’s some support teams.    .30 cal machine gun team and Bazooka team.  A sharpshooter and spotter: Command: Jeep with .50 cal  

My US Army part 1

    First up is the iconic M3 half track and a couple of Infantry squads. The first thing I found about the Americans is the U.S. approach to to Weapons and vehicles seems to have been to find a good solid design and then bang out thousands of them, so the variety isn’t as much […]

Union Jack Jackson

One of my favourite comic book characters growing up was Union Jack Jackson of Warlord comic. UJJ was a British soldier stranded in the Pacific, helping the US marines to fight Japan. Jackson firstly had to win the trust of the tough veteran soldiers like O’Bannion and Sarge. When I got my box of the […]