HQ28 Undead

Using on with the HeroQuest 28 miniatures, here are the first four Undead. 3 Skeletons and a zombie

I was quite undecided at first on the direction to go with on the Skeletons, I have some of the old school GW skeleton hoard figures, and thought about getting hold of some of the Ossiarch Bone reapers, however eventually I decided to go with some modified nighthaunts… these are truly creepy looking miniatures which just seemed to fit the setting

I was a bit stumped for a while on what to do about the Zombie, I’m not a fan of the Warhammer Zombie miniatures and didn’t want to a whole box just for the required two. I decided to adapt some of the 40k Nurgle plague walkers to fit this slot. First one here:

Next… chaos warriors… and thinking about floor tiles…

9 comments on “HQ28 Undead

  1. Crikey, those are good! Nice choice of minis I think!

  2. This set is looking fantastic. Really inspired use of the Nighthaunt and Poxwalkers.

  3. I’d say these are an unqualified success.

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