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Urban terrain (1)

Made some urban city terrain for 7tv/Black Opps. I wanted to have it useable for late 1960’s onward so have kept thing fairly generic. Also aiming for a decayed feel. Firstly I wanted to make some little piles of rubbish, boxes and black bags. So0 I made a simple template for boxes and some green […]

Armed Civillians

These are from the Wargames Factory apocalypse survivors sets. I bought them a few years ago and used the bulk of them then for various projects. I fancied painting a few more. I tried to give them a bit of a retro vibe, with the classic trainers and denims. The boxes are a great sets of minis, […]

First Painted Big T

The Resin Big T minis have began to ship. And we already have one in painted glory. Starship Vorenus contributor and Painter/Modelmaker extraordinaire Carvel has turned his expert hand to produce this excellent mob boss. The brilliant painting on his trade mark flashy shirt is a particular highlight, set off by his snazy red trousers… […]

Introducing Pigeon Guard games

Check out our new miniatures company. Just one release so far, the suburban Mafia man Big T. He’s a modern gangster type, sculpted by Ian Mountain. Big T would be equally at home skirmishing with Zombies after surviving the apocalypse or ruling the mean streets. He comes with an alternative hand option, so you can […]

The Agents of A.C.E. 7TV AAR Cult of the Manster

The Cast List A.C.E Jackson Hawksby Penny Black Agent Blue 4 Taskforce Commandos 222 ratings The Cult Cult leader 2 thugees 3 cultists 8 Plain Clothes minions 212 ratings   Preiously on Agents of A.C.E. The cultish followers of long supposed dead evil mastermind Jason Manster (aka the Manster) have been discovered in a leafy […]

Making Trees

Making Trees

I saw this great method for making model trees on the Crooked Dice forum. My humble efforts don’t compare with the magnificent Oak tree than Andym has made… but I thought Id share the method. Step one Make wire/foamboard/masking tape skeleton Step two bulk out shape with air drying clay Add detail with greenstuff & liquid […]

Kill BIll

When I got my Fist Full of Kung Fu minis back in February I decided that what was lacking from the sets was some kind of lethal female assassin, and it occurred to me how cool it would be to have a mini based on the Bride out of the movie Kill Bill. After looking […]