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Oathmark Dwarves

First Two plastic and one metal Oathmark Dwarves from Northstar. I’m a massive fan of Dwarven armies, and so I jumped at the chance of these when the pre order came up, and I’m not disappointed. Great miniatures, fun to paint and assemble.

Frostgrave Plastics

I picked up these Frostgrave plastic soldiers, made by Northstar, mainly because of the spares on the sprue and as generic fantasy humans they will have number of uses. I have done a few head and weapons swaps with Bolt Action and Gripping beast minis. The minis are a bit derivative, and very typical of a […]

Hawksby Agent of A.C.E. 7tv programme guide

Hawksby Agent of A.C.E. 7tv programme guide

Completed this a while ago, only just got round to putting it up here. This is the programme guide for my 7tv show Agents of A.C.E. It is free to download at the bottom of this post. Here are some taster pictures: Here is the guide, but be warned, it is a 14mb .pdf file: ACE Programme […]

Pulp Figures

Northstar have started to stock the fabulous Pulp Figures Range. Here are my first painted attempts. These are from the Heroes and Personalities Range. Firstly some Russian Agents And a brilliant film crew

Dead Man’s Hand Painting

Some miniatures I painted for Dead Mans Hand. These are very nice figures, but I still would love someone to come up with a plastic boxed set of Gunfighters/Cowboys one day.

Row boats and Pirates

Row boats and Pirates

I decided I wanted to scratch build a row boat or two for my pirates. After a bit of web based research into the types of boat I wanted to make I set to work. The balance in this was going to be between accuracy, playability and my modelling skills. Firstly I drew up some […]

The Jolly Roger, Scourge of the High Seas

The Jolly Roger, Scourge of the High Seas

We played our second game of Osprey’s new pirate themed rules On the Seven Seas last evening. His Majesty’s Navy, hunting the pirates, came under attack from Captain Hook and Calico Jack. Hook opened fire on the navy brig and then swerved in to grapple and board. This caught the naval Captain off guard and […]

Scotland Yard’s Horse Driven Gattling Gun

The a set of Perry Miniatures draft Rioters and the beautiful Northstar In Her Majesties Name figure sets tempted me to dip my toe into the wonderful world of Victorian era gaming. And as with many people my victorian project incorporates elements of Victorian fiction and steam punk. I decided that I liked the idea of scratch […]

Kill BIll

When I got my Fist Full of Kung Fu minis back in February I decided that what was lacking from the sets was some kind of lethal female assassin, and it occurred to me how cool it would be to have a mini based on the Bride out of the movie Kill Bill. After looking […]

Ronin – “first blood”!

Carvel’s now finished the two Northstar buntai the Starship crew got him for his 50th – a total change of direction from his usual painting “comfort zone”! The figures are lovely sculpts, full of movement and detail, and reward fine painting (have a look in the gallery for Carvel and Al’s minis – the Koryu, Bushi […]