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First Painted Big T

The Resin Big T minis have began to ship. And we already have one in painted glory. Starship Vorenus contributor and Painter/Modelmaker extraordinaire Carvel has turned his expert hand to produce this excellent mob boss. The brilliant painting on his trade mark flashy shirt is a particular highlight, set off by his snazy red trousers… […]

The Agents of A.C.E. 7TV AAR Cult of the Manster

The Cast List A.C.E Jackson Hawksby Penny Black Agent Blue 4 Taskforce Commandos 222 ratings The Cult Cult leader 2 thugees 3 cultists 8 Plain Clothes minions 212 ratings   Preiously on Agents of A.C.E. The cultish followers of long supposed dead evil mastermind Jason Manster (aka the Manster) have been discovered in a leafy […]

Arsenal Miniatures

BACKGROUND This splendid figure of a mid 16th century Italian mercenary captain is soon to be released in an exciting new range of figures developed by Warlord Games. Originally the concept of a range of figures to represent the Heroes of the Great Siege of Malta was developed by an Italian architect, the captain is […]

Warmington on sea apocalypse

Captain Mainwaring had been unprepared for Nazi zombies but, he was determined to find Hitler’s new terror weapon hidden in the ruins of Warminton on Sea…..he had,after all, his own new weapon of terror. A ww1 18pdr field gun! What’s what: The home guard figures are a delightful set by Warlord Games. Zombies courtesy of […]

The Quick and the Dead

Last night my club started a Dead Man’s hand campaign and It was my turn to get stuck in. The game is very fast, violent and extremely cinematic. If you haven’t tried it and like westerns, then get it. It is designed as if each game is a scene in a western movie. Keeping with […]

Scotland Yard’s Horse Driven Gattling Gun

The a set of Perry Miniatures draft Rioters and the beautiful Northstar In Her Majesties Name figure sets tempted me to dip my toe into the wonderful world of Victorian era gaming. And as with many people my victorian project incorporates elements of Victorian fiction and steam punk. I decided that I liked the idea of scratch […]

Kill BIll

When I got my Fist Full of Kung Fu minis back in February I decided that what was lacking from the sets was some kind of lethal female assassin, and it occurred to me how cool it would be to have a mini based on the Bride out of the movie Kill Bill. After looking […]

Ronin – “first blood”!

Carvel’s now finished the two Northstar buntai the Starship crew got him for his 50th – a total change of direction from his usual painting “comfort zone”! The figures are lovely sculpts, full of movement and detail, and reward fine painting (have a look in the gallery for Carvel and Al’s minis – the Koryu, Bushi […]

U.N.I.T. Landrover completed

U.N.I.T. Landrover completed

A simple black paint job (dark grey, washed with black) and then some fantastic custom decals. (From Si, Starship Vorenus crew member and author of Si’s Soldiers blog). The black fits nicely with the UNIT theme, and the decals just finish it off. Trouble at the meat market! Bolt Action commandos converted to modern UNIT […]

A Fist Full of Kung Fu: The Yakuza

The other set I got from the Northstar’s Kung Fu range. Tried to get a tiger on the bruisers tattoo… not sure if it is more tigger? These are painted as the come out of the box, just the bases removed. Once again, these were fantastic minis to paint, and are fabulously cast and sculpted. […]