Which one is Norman?

Which one is Norman?

Was given this box of plastic Norman Knights for my birthday. They are made by Conquest Games, who do a small range of early medieval miniatures, including Robin Hood. Never one to let minis gather dust on the shelf I got to work. I decided to approach these in a slightly different way (for me). First […]

Building with Bits Part 2

Building with Bits Part 2

Having constructed the building (a bakery) out of spare pieces from the various Perry Miniatures kits The next step was adding a bit of paint. Hand painted sign. Inside shot, showing the bakers oven. And obviously a bakers shop needs a little bread. All ready for a good old fashioned shoot out!

What every Criminal Master mind needs

Based on the Hughes 500 commercial helicopter this is the ideal vehicle for the stylish criminal mastermind! I picked this Academy 1/48 kit up from ebay for just over £5. After some procrastination I settled on red with the white stripe colour scheme, suggested by BigAl, and set about making it. The instructions in the kit […]

History Live 2014

Went to English Heritage History Live at Kelmarsh Hall on Saturday… an amazing festival of living history. 2000 years of history reenacted. Highlights were the Spitfire Messerschmitt 109 dogfight, 95th Rifles storming an american fort and the Sealed knot recreating Marston Moor. There were loads of events, activities and market stalls, lectures, a Victorian fair […]

All that Jazz

I picked this lovely set of Jazz musicians up from Eureka Miniatures at Salute in April. They are a lovely set of characters and will be ideal for my 1920’s Prohibition era stuff. Great to add depth to any pulp era games. I pre ordered them from Eureka and collected at Salute, because the postage […]

Arsenal Miniatures

BACKGROUND This splendid figure of a mid 16th century Italian mercenary captain is soon to be released in an exciting new range of figures developed by Warlord Games. Originally the concept of a range of figures to represent the Heroes of the Great Siege of Malta was developed by an Italian architect, the captain is […]

The Quick and the Dead

Last night my club started a Dead Man’s hand campaign and It was my turn to get stuck in. The game is very fast, violent and extremely cinematic. If you haven’t tried it and like westerns, then get it. It is designed as if each game is a scene in a western movie. Keeping with […]

Ronin – “first blood”!

Carvel’s now finished the two Northstar buntai the Starship crew got him for his 50th – a total change of direction from his usual painting “comfort zone”! The figures are lovely sculpts, full of movement and detail, and reward fine painting (have a look in the gallery for Carvel and Al’s minis – the Koryu, Bushi […]