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My US Army part 1

First up is the iconic M3 half track and a couple of Infantry squads.

The first thing I found about the Americans is the U.S. approach to to Weapons and vehicles seems to have been to find a good solid design and then bang out thousands of them, so the variety isn’t as much as some armies, but the kit can be used for a wide range of theatres. My US force is aimed at being for France 1944, but mostly could be also used for Italy that year too. 

 The basing I have gone for is mainly rubble with a little bit of vegetation on some. 
 The M3 kit from Warlord is fairly simple and straightforward to build and fun to paint. It comes with decals, plenty of .50 and .30 cal machine guns and a  little bit of stowage. 

All the miniatures are Warlord Games Plastic Bolt action figures. 


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