I got given of a couple of sprues of Victrix Ltd. dark ages vikings. These are excellent miniatures, Victrix quality of sculpting, casting and production has come on leaps and bounds, I had some French Napoleonics and some ancient greeks from them in the past, but these are superior quality in every aspect.

I painted the first 6, and a few old Gripping beast ones I had from a while ago.

Gripping Beast

The sprues offer loads of options, weapons and heads, and a good mix of armoured and non armoured minis. They are easy to put together, and fun to paint. I’ve ordered a command sprue that I am waiting to get hold of.


Necromunda Bounty Hunter Gang

There are those who dwell in the depth of the underhive, they are the rejected, the disavowed, the the forgotten and those who want to be are seeking oblivion. Bound together by nothing other than their mutual desolation the Congress of Eight are a desperate clan of hive scum headhunters…

Amereith Woe, Gang leader and her body guard Gar Roth-Kar
Designate Jak27 and Jak29 – Brothers and adherents of the machine god
Barutha. Ogryn deserter
Dego Vek and Malstus Rhime – Noted gunslingers, one time gang member dishonourably cast out
And at the front, Jessique D’loth, Deserter from the Astra Miliatrum, wanted killer.
The whole gang

Start Collecting… Squats!

Last year sadly one of my favourite Hobby Shops, Ian Allen in Birmingham closed down. I was gutted that it went, but did pick up a few bargains in the shut down sale, one of them was a Kharadon Overlords start collecting set. I could have built this ‘out of the box’ and added it to my small Kharadron overlord army, but no. I had other plans for it.

I have always loved the idea of Squats… space dwarves! Dwarves are my favorite fantasy army, so what’s not to love about the ideo of a space version. Okay, Games Workshop don’t agree, they shelved this army years ago and wrote them out of the fluff… but so what! I’ve never been a salve to ‘cannon’ or ‘lore’. I make up my own.. The WH40k universe is so vast, uncharted and has such a long timeline it is a great sand box to play in and make your own stuff up.

I decided to make this box into my version of a start collecting squats. These are all heavy weapons teams, with a small land speeder and a servo bot. I have already made a few Squats before so adding these heavy weapons and support is the basis of a good army.


Painting the stuff you own

Not much to say on this one, the brilliant Ann’s Imaturium blog put out a challenge for the month to paint the crap out of the stuff you own, the rules, simply, paint stuff you own not buy new stuff… This tied in nicely with a personal hobby goal of my own, I decided that from 28th Feb through to the end of June I would buy no new minis, and focus on the backlog. So here is a little smattering of the stuff I’ve been up to. (This is all the non 40k/Sigmar stuff, that stuff will form posts of their own at some point)

From left to right.
Stoessi’s Heroes German Commander
Warlord Games/Conquest Miniature’s Last of the Mohicans
Copplestone Casting Gangsters street thugs

And as a bonus (ok so I said no 40k… this is Necromunda)
Necromunda bounty hunter, I started painting this one over 2 years ago so he gets an honourable mention!


Painting update – Genestealers

Upon reaching the halfway point with my Heroquest 28 project I decided to take a little rest from it (that and getting some of the parts I need for the dungeontilses) whilst #socialdistancing measures are in place is a bit hard).

So I’m going to do a few posts of the painting I’ve been up to. If you follow me on instagram apologies for the duplication. First up are Genestealers.

Always one of my favorite Warhammer 40k bad guys (not that there are really any true good guys). I have bought and painted a few GSC minis over the years, but I felt my overall cult lacked any distinction, I also wanted it to fit with the inq28 vibe my WH40k mins have taken in the last coulple of years… so I decided to make a part mech cult… servants of the 4 armed machine god?

The patriarch is a mixture of both the patriarch mini, and a AdMech tech priest. With a few other bits added for fun.

The brood so far…

#Fembruary #HQ28 Chaos Sorcerer

Half way through the HQ minis.., the Chaos Sorcerer. For this one I decided to mix it up a little, And bring things up to date, I used one of the female barbarians form Warhammer underworlds Nightvault Godsworn Hunt warband, which also fits nicely into the #fembrary celebration.


HQ28 update Chaos and Goblins

Latest update on my Heroquest 28 project. First two chaos warriors and goblins.

For the Chaos warriors I used two of the amazing new slaves to darkness miniatures, these are brilliant sculpts, the only changes I made were to give them both Axes and head swaps.

The goblins are from the Gloomspite Gitz range. I made one head swap with a wH40k grot and a couple of weapon swaps.


HQ28 Undead

Using on with the HeroQuest 28 miniatures, here are the first four Undead. 3 Skeletons and a zombie

I was quite undecided at first on the direction to go with on the Skeletons, I have some of the old school GW skeleton hoard figures, and thought about getting hold of some of the Ossiarch Bone reapers, however eventually I decided to go with some modified nighthaunts… these are truly creepy looking miniatures which just seemed to fit the setting

I was a bit stumped for a while on what to do about the Zombie, I’m not a fan of the Warhammer Zombie miniatures and didn’t want to a whole box just for the required two. I decided to adapt some of the 40k Nurgle plague walkers to fit this slot. First one here:

Next… chaos warriors… and thinking about floor tiles…


A couple more HQ28 orks

Here are the next two Orks in the Heroquest 28 project. These two represent the other two weapon types from the original HQ box. The mace and the cleaver. I also added a few details such as the skull trophy and the shields. I think these look quite a bit more vicious than the ones supplied in the Original game, but that fits well with the HQ 28 vibe.

I have also sourced a box, this will become the box for the whole game, it is from the Works book shop In the UK.


HQ28 Fimir… of a sort

Fimir where always going to pose the biggest challenge in this project as there is no direct equivalent in the current Games Workshop range. The Fimir were one of the creations original to Games Workshop in the early days of Warhammer fantasy, it is a shame they have let this race disappear, it would be nice to see them re-invented for AOS.
I know my kitbashing and green stuff skills are not good enough to to re-create Fimir so I decided that I’d kitbash Something to fill the slot, from early on I decided to use the beast man Gors as a basis.

In my mind these are some kind chaos beastmen, Twisted by the dark powers. I put in a couple of nods to the original Fimir, the weapons are the same and I gave them tails. I still have one more of these to make, I’m tempted to try to upgrade the design a little and give it a single cyclops eye… but that is a challenge for another day.

Lastly here is a sneak peak of the art I’ve started For the wizards card