Lost Legion… prelude

Lost legion

The ancient monitor crackled and spluttered a pale green glow. A gloved hand scraped decades of dust from it in an attempt to see the readout clearly. There it was, unmistakable, a pin point dot of light flashing in the centre of the screen. Something was out there, something moving. 

The grim faced veteran knew he had to alert the others, it could be nothing, just a stray mute-hound or another larger beast. He  couldn’t take that risk.

It was the early hours of the morning, not that it mattered, in this place day and night were barely distinguishable. The harsh warp storms that tore the sky apart would throw up clouds of dirt and dust blotting the pale orange sun even at its zenith. He knew many of the others would be awake, they needed little or no sleep, and few would want to face the dreams this world brought.

He made his way through the dug out, the twisted corridors of corrugated iron, scavenged from long abandoned shipwrecks. He came to a wide opening where a few of his brothers sat huddled in groups talking in hushed tones. “I need to see the captain, is he awake?” He asked, knowing the answer, despite the early hour he was sure the captain wouldn’t be sleeping.

“Always”, replied a trooper, “but go easy, he’s in a foul one”

He entered the captains chamber. The Captain Tyberian was seated at his desk, his worn and damaged face telling some of the story of the many battles he had seen. “What is it DeVarr?” He questioned.  

“Sorry to trouble you sir, there is something on the sensor, probably nothing but I thought you better know. Could be a stray or just a muto, but for some reason I have a bad feeling about  it” 

“Hurm, I need to stretch my legs anyway, come on, lets take a look” The captain knew DeVarr of old, they had fought side by side in more battles then he could count. He had learned to trust the old soldier’s instincts, if DeVarr felt something was wrong, it probably was.

He tucking his battered helmet under his arm he strode down the corridors to the watch station. The sky overhead whirled and cracked with static, another storm was brewing and the atmosphere was covered with an oppressive orange glow. 

The moment they saw the monitor the Captain and DeVarr knew that this was no muto or stray dog.

The single green pin dot had become a mass of pulsing dots moving slowly across the monitor in their direction. The alarm was sounded and an army of troopers readied themselves on the battle line.  

Tyberian clutched his chainsword and plasma gun, preparing himself for whatever unspeakable foe was about to emerge from the half darkness. He looked down the line as his men readied themselves. 

Slowly a crooked grin cracked across his battered face… these are his men, his battle brothers, stranded together on this forsaken world, bound by blood. 

Unspeakable foes, overwhelming odds… just another day in the lost legion.

Captain Tyberian, Lost Legion commander:






The Retinue (1)

IMG_8823The first two members of the Inquisitor Warband

On the right is Brother Moragain. Formerly of the Blood Angels chapter, then he became a member Deathwatch. He was renown as a merciless and fearless warrior, noted for his strength and iron will. It was as a member of Deasthwatch that he first crossed paths with Inquisitor Blight. During a vicious Ork incursion on Pelio IV Moragain was severely mauled by an enraged warboss, losing his arm and leg in the battle. His life was saved by the Inquisitor who brought the righteous wrath of the Emperor down on the warboss, via his expertly wielded chain sword. After recovering from his injuries Moragain was given special dispensation to join the Inquisitor as his bodyguard. Despite his damaged body he is still a formidable fighter and is noted for the Ad Mech phosphor blaster he took from the battlefield and used to replace his damaged arm.

In the left is Quen Y’rah. Although some members of the inquisition would call it heresy Inquisitor Blight is happy to rely on the powers of foresight afforded by Quen’s psyched gifts. Quen is one of Blights oldest associates, they have known each other since their long forgotten youth. Unpredictable and mysterious little is know of Quen, he seldom speaks to others, and never about himself or small talk. Quen is a powerful Psycher and a vicious hand to hand combatant.



The Inquisitor

597A9B52-5CD7-4EB9-9220-B8A7E39B3880 Inquisitor Morecroft Blight of the Ordo Xenos 

I have begun to assemble an inquisitor and his retinue for a narrative Necromunda/inq28/spacehulk style mash-up. 

Morecroft Blight is a dreaded hunter of aliens, heretics and any other abominations that cross his path. 

He will have a 10 person Retinue of faithful followers, fellow zealots and paid bounty hunters. 

I will introduce his Retinue in future posts.

Clad in white power armour to symbolise his purity Inquisitor Blight is a truly righteous defender of the imperium. He has fought in many brutal conflicts, overthrown sinister incursions by infected cultists. He will not suffer fools or betrayal. He is almost as faithful to his friends and companions as he is to his beloved imperium, and in turn he inspires fierce personal loyalty in those that follow him.





Hive Scum Bounty Hunters

I recently kit bashed a few Necromunda bounty hunters. I haven’t worked out any back story for these yet. Eventually I want to have enough to field a while gang of hive scum, at that point I’ll create them some fluff and character statistics.




Squad:March… infestation

IMG_8358A break from the Lost Legionnaires…

After last months great painting challenges I decided I had to step up with Azazel’s March Challenge Squad:March! To Finnish a squad. I decided to have a bash at these Genestealer Cultists, who have infested an IG command squad. I built these back in November then my hobby attention deficit (as my friend describes it) kicked in and I forgot about them. This months White Dwarf Genestealer Cult rules for Necromunda insider me to slap some paint on them. Here they are painted up.



The Lost Legionnaires (1)

845F8EBD-122D-418B-AE24-E2A987AC249D.jpegTrapped on a hostile warp infected world the Lost Legion boast marines of many chapters. Battered, battled hardened veterans, who have had to replace and repair armour, weapons, equipment and even body parts with whatever they can salvage, from friend and foe alike.

The tough and noble warriors have sworn to uphold the name of their God-Emperor and to enforce his will though separated from empire and comrades. They will hold back the hoards of chaos and will not suffer the Xenos. For them only death in glory will suffice.



Remak The Justifier
Little is known of Remak’s history, and few have seen what remains of his face under the mask. But May will testify to his bravery and fearlessness in bringing justice at the sharp end of his twin power swords

Baltor Stormwielder
Remak’s closet friend and companion. Stormwielder by name and action. Few would have the courage or strength to carry the modified heavy plasma cannon that he uses to bring swathes of destruction to the foes of the emperor.


Finish a neglected model (4) February Challenge update

Thanks to all those putting up the painting challenges this month, particularly Azazel  I think I managed a definite 2 completed challenges and possible 3.

Here is my last submission for the neglected model category… the final Primaris in the pack.


The other challenges I completed were the FEBruary miniature with my Soviet Sniper for Bolt Action. She was also a neglected model having been sitting undercoated for mire than half a year.

So my last question is for the Space Marine Primaris Rievers count as SQUADuary too? There were 3 models in the pack, but is that a legal squad? What do you think?

Pleased with my painting progress this month as I have also made big inroads into Necromunda stuff. I painted more than I bought too! That and I have been inspired (by so many of you great bloggers) to blog a bit more about my projects.