Scratch built Adobe mud houses


I have been building up my DAK and 8th Army forces for some time, and have began to think about putting together a few games, mainly based around SAS raiding parties, but more on that another time.

I decided I next need to make some terrain, and set about making a couple of mud brick dwellings.

The first stage was drawing out some simple plans (I did this in Adobe Illustrator, and printed them out)

Then I cut the pieces out of fo an core board.IMG_9058IMG_9059

This done I assembled the main walks. Using elastic bands to secure them as the PVA glue dried.

Next I added some damage to the render and began the stairs


Above is version one of the stairs, I modified the design for the second building…


I used cheap wall filler mixed with PVA to get the render texture.


Finally just painting and dry brushing… And on to building two!




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