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Finish a neglected model (3)

Azazel has really go me onto something. Second neglected model completed. This is an old (c.early 90’s) Plastic Rhino. I was given in a while ago, with a bunch of other old 40k stuff. I started tinkering with it and then became distracted and it has been left on the side since then. I repaired […]

Finish a neglected model (2)

First neglected Model finished: Quite happy with how he turned out, as I said in the previous post space marines are never my best work. The paint scheme seems to work okay. Next up:

Necromunda Biker Bosses

Inspired by the awesome Imperial Rebel Ork I couldn’t  resist giving my Necromunda Gangs a biker boss each. kitbashed from ork bikes.

Space hulkramunda 1

New project. Space hulk meets Necromunda. First up, genestealer cult.    

Pirate Orks

Pirate Orks

What better to fight steamship dwarves than pirate Orks. Orks by Games workshop, heads a mixture of green stuff and Spellcrow miniatures. Chinook/defkopter/galleon is scratch built.

Ork bike and Marines

This Ork came as part of a Build and paint kit I bought from my local model shop. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/build_paint?_requestid=7757904#ork_blastabike To be honest it was cheap, but not a bargain, the Orks are made from a horrible green plastic, comes with no base for he bike and the model is obviously quite old. The face and […]

Frostgrave Space marine mash up

Frostgrave Space marine mash up

One of my favourite things about this hobby, especially plastic kits, is being able to take parts and make something new. Bits here from frostgrave and bolt Action meet some space marines. These guys represent a the stranded remnant defending a long forgotten outpost. In atmospheric situ.