Necromunda Bounty Hunter Gang

There are those who dwell in the depth of the underhive, they are the rejected, the disavowed, the the forgotten and those who want to be are seeking oblivion. Bound together by nothing other than their mutual desolation the Congress of Eight are a desperate clan of hive scum headhunters…

Amereith Woe, Gang leader and her body guard Gar Roth-Kar
Designate Jak27 and Jak29 – Brothers and adherents of the machine god
Barutha. Ogryn deserter
Dego Vek and Malstus Rhime – Noted gunslingers, one time gang member dishonourably cast out
And at the front, Jessique D’loth, Deserter from the Astra Miliatrum, wanted killer.
The whole gang

14 comments on “Necromunda Bounty Hunter Gang

  1. Very cool stuff. I particularly like the goatman, having a bit of a weakness of such creatures.

  2. Very cool – gritty, loads of character, perfect Necromunda!

  3. Oooh, I like them! šŸ™‚ A real bunch of troublemakers without a doubt!

  4. Those are great! I’ve had a few ideas kicking around regarding turning the Iron Golem into Necromunda pit fighters and these certainly provide plenty of inspiration šŸ™‚

    • Thanks bud. Yeah, they really lend themselves to Necromunda. Iā€™m going to take a look at the other warcry bands at sone point see if I can make anything of them fit 40k inq28.

  5. Excellent! Really cool kit bashing going on and a top pain job. Nice!

  6. Those are some mean mofos. The face on the Ogryn came out particularly well!

  7. Great conversion work once again, the gang looks perfect for the setting!

  8. What a gang. I love them all, though Amereith Woe is probably my favourite. I wouldn’t want to meet them on a dark night.

  9. Wow! I love these guys. Just an excellent collection of models, superbly converted and painted. Well done! šŸ™‚

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