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Finish a neglected model (2)

First neglected Model finished: Quite happy with how he turned out, as I said in the previous post space marines are never my best work. The paint scheme seems to work okay. Next up:

Ork bike and Marines

This Ork came as part of a Build and paint kit I bought from my local model shop. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/build_paint?_requestid=7757904#ork_blastabike To be honest it was cheap, but not a bargain, the Orks are made from a horrible green plastic, comes with no base for he bike and the model is obviously quite old. The face and […]

Frostgrave Space marine mash up

Frostgrave Space marine mash up

One of my favourite things about this hobby, especially plastic kits, is being able to take parts and make something new. Bits here from frostgrave and bolt Action meet some space marines. These guys represent a the stranded remnant defending a long forgotten outpost. In atmospheric situ.


I have never done a lot of Games Workshop miniatures, but recently I have had a barmy few weeks and painted a pile of 40K stuff, primarily for playing with my sons. More on that in another post. So I have found myself browsing their webstore, and doing so I spotted these beauties Kastelan Robots. […]