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Urban terrain (1)

Made some urban city terrain for 7tv/Black Opps. I wanted to have it useable for late 1960’s onward so have kept thing fairly generic. Also aiming for a decayed feel. Firstly I wanted to make some little piles of rubbish, boxes and black bags. So0 I made a simple template for boxes and some green […]

LRDG Ford with Bofors AT Gun

Opel Blitz

One of the logistics work horses of the German armed forces this 3 tonne truck saw action in every they’re the Germans fought in. I have painted this one to look extremely weathered and battered. I wanted it to look like it has seen many miles and lots of action. The kit is a Warlotd […]

U.S. Army part two

This time it’s some support teams.    .30 cal machine gun team and Bazooka team.  A sharpshooter and spotter: Command: Jeep with .50 cal  

Lynx Helicopter for U.N.I.T.

Lynx Helicopter for U.N.I.T.

I love helicopters! And after wetting my appetite with the little Hughes 500 See here for more on that I decided to get myself this kit from Airfix. I had long been eying it up, and when a forum pal pointed out it was less than half price on Amazon I took the plunge. (Thanks Tommy!)   […]

What every Criminal Mastermind’s girlfriend needs

Just a quick update. The Academy Helecopter set also had a cop on a bike. The bike looked nice but the sculpting/moulding on the rider was very bad. Solution… I used one of the bodies from the increadibly useful Wargames Factory Female Survivors set to create this gun toting female bodyguard.

What every Criminal Master mind needs

Based on the Hughes 500 commercial helicopter this is the ideal vehicle for the stylish criminal mastermind! I picked this Academy 1/48 kit up from ebay for just over £5. After some procrastination I settled on red with the white stripe colour scheme, suggested by BigAl, and set about making it. The instructions in the kit […]