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Loads of battle of the Bulge stuff

Loads of battle of the Bulge stuff



I have never done a lot of Games Workshop miniatures, but recently I have had a barmy few weeks and painted a pile of 40K stuff, primarily for playing with my sons. More on that in another post. So I have found myself browsing their webstore, and doing so I spotted these beauties Kastelan Robots. […]

Kettenkrad and PAK 38

A couple of support additions for my DAK Germans. As usual all minis are Perry Miniatures

Scratch built Adobe mud houses

I have been building up my DAK and 8th Army forces for some time, and have began to think about putting together a few games, mainly based around SAS raiding parties, but more on that another time. I decided I next need to make some terrain, and set about making a couple of mud brick dwellings. […]

U.S. Army part 3 

Last part, two tanks and some infantry. Firstly two Sherman tanks. The mainstay of Allied armour from 1943 onwards the ubiquitous Sherman was the most priduced tank of the war. With tens of thousands entering service.  Fittingly there are two 1/56 plastic kits currently on the market. The Rubicon Models one (left of the picture […]

My US Army part 1

    First up is the iconic M3 half track and a couple of Infantry squads. The first thing I found about the Americans is the U.S. approach to to Weapons and vehicles seems to have been to find a good solid design and then bang out thousands of them, so the variety isn’t as much […]

M3 Grant Medium Tank

This is an M3 Grant tanks painted for the 8th army. The camo scheme was inspired by the one at Bovington tank museum. Again it needs the decals adding, still haven’t made my mind up what symbols to put on. This us a Blitzkreig miniatures model. It is a beautiful model but I had real […]