Painting the stuff you own

Not much to say on this one, the brilliant Ann’s Imaturium blog put out a challenge for the month to paint the crap out of the stuff you own, the rules, simply, paint stuff you own not buy new stuff… This tied in nicely with a personal hobby goal of my own, I decided that from 28th Feb through to the end of June I would buy no new minis, and focus on the backlog. So here is a little smattering of the stuff I’ve been up to. (This is all the non 40k/Sigmar stuff, that stuff will form posts of their own at some point)

From left to right.
Stoessi’s Heroes German Commander
Warlord Games/Conquest Miniature’s Last of the Mohicans
Copplestone Casting Gangsters street thugs

And as a bonus (ok so I said no 40k… this is Necromunda)
Necromunda bounty hunter, I started painting this one over 2 years ago so he gets an honourable mention!

5 comments on “Painting the stuff you own

  1. Nice collection, I like the street toughs especially!

  2. Very cool, and thank you for the mention. That is quite the variety of stuff you’ve painted. I agree with Dave, I particularly like the street toughs, particularly the glaring expression of the guy with the baseball bat.

  3. Excellent range of minis there mate, and very nicely done!

  4. […] Mikeland82 from Starship Vorenus writes that “from 28th Feb through to the end of June I would buy no new minis, and focus on the backlog.”  In other words he’s going to paint the crap he already owns.  Good man!  He made excellent progress for May as the gallery below illustrates.  (You can also see some larger pictures of these models by clicking on the gallery or still larger yet on the round-up post in his blog.) […]

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