A couple more HQ28 orks

Here are the next two Orks in the Heroquest 28 project. These two represent the other two weapon types from the original HQ box. The mace and the cleaver. I also added a few details such as the skull trophy and the shields. I think these look quite a bit more vicious than the ones supplied in the Original game, but that fits well with the HQ 28 vibe.

I have also sourced a box, this will become the box for the whole game, it is from the Works book shop In the UK.

5 comments on “A couple more HQ28 orks

  1. Definitely a lot meaner than the originals! They look great! 🙂

  2. Love this! I feel I rarely see Orks done up in a real dark and proper grim fashion

  3. …and on these two as well. John got it right on the money with how mean these two look.

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