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Necromunda Biker Bosses

Inspired by the awesome Imperial Rebel Ork I couldn’t  resist giving my Necromunda Gangs a biker boss each. kitbashed from ork bikes. Advertisements

Pirate Orks

Pirate Orks

What better to fight steamship dwarves than pirate Orks. Orks by Games workshop, heads a mixture of green stuff and Spellcrow miniatures. Chinook/defkopter/galleon is scratch built.

Ork bike and Marines

This Ork came as part of a Build and paint kit I bought from my local model shop. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/build_paint?_requestid=7757904#ork_blastabike To be honest it was cheap, but not a bargain, the Orks are made from a horrible green plastic, comes with no base for he bike and the model is obviously quite old. The face and […]