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Kettenkrad and PAK 38

A couple of support additions for my DAK Germans. As usual all minis are Perry Miniatures

LRDG Ford with Bofors AT Gun

Terrain and Soldiers for North Africa

As the title says, a couple of hills and some painted Perry Miniatures DAK and 8th Army.

Scratch built Adobe mud houses

I have been building up my DAK and 8th Army forces for some time, and have began to think about putting together a few games, mainly based around SAS raiding parties, but more on that another time. I decided I next need to make some terrain, and set about making a couple of mud brick dwellings. […]

Daimler Dingo Scout Car

This lovely little resin and metal outcomes from the excellent Perry miniatures WW2 range. It is brush painted and weathered using powders. I just need to add some decals and it will be complete.

Building with Bits

Building with Bits

Mend and make do, love food, hate waste, reuse, reduce, recycle… It’s always good to make good use of leftovers and spares. And especially when it comes to building terrain for Wargaming. After assembling several buildings for his Dead Man’s Hand game board, my good friend Clive kindly gave me this pile of left over […]

Lynx Helicopter for U.N.I.T.

Lynx Helicopter for U.N.I.T.

I love helicopters! And after wetting my appetite with the little Hughes 500 See here for more on that I decided to get myself this kit from Airfix. I had long been eying it up, and when a forum pal pointed out it was less than half price on Amazon I took the plunge. (Thanks Tommy!)   […]

Warmington on sea apocalypse

Captain Mainwaring had been unprepared for Nazi zombies but, he was determined to find Hitler’s new terror weapon hidden in the ruins of Warminton on Sea…..he had,after all, his own new weapon of terror. A ww1 18pdr field gun! What’s what: The home guard figures are a delightful set by Warlord Games. Zombies courtesy of […]

Scotland Yard’s Horse Driven Gattling Gun

The a set of Perry Miniatures draft Rioters and the beautiful Northstar In Her Majesties Name figure sets tempted me to dip my toe into the wonderful world of Victorian era gaming. And as with many people my victorian project incorporates elements of Victorian fiction and steam punk. I decided that I liked the idea of scratch […]

New perry greens

Againcourt to Orleans plastic! Excited!