#Fembruary #HQ28 Chaos Sorcerer

Half way through the HQ minis.., the Chaos Sorcerer. For this one I decided to mix it up a little, And bring things up to date, I used one of the female barbarians form Warhammer underworlds Nightvault Godsworn Hunt warband, which also fits nicely into the #fembrary celebration.

11 comments on “#Fembruary #HQ28 Chaos Sorcerer

  1. Cool man. She’s a beaut… in an ugly way haha

  2. Very nice, and a good choice! You’re fair cracking on with these! 🙂

  3. She looks great, this project continues to go from strength to strength!

  4. Wow, that is terrific. The head fits so well with the sorcerer from HeroQuest too. Great work.

  5. […] in from the Starship Vorenus, we have a wonderful Chaos Sorcerer (Sorceress) for Mikeland’s AOS 28 spin on the classic 1989 game HeroQuest. The Sorceress is beautifully done, […]

  6. Yeah this is great. The paint works perfectly and she fits in with both the new models that you’re using for the project as well as that lovely nod to the original.

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