HQ28 Fimir… of a sort

Fimir where always going to pose the biggest challenge in this project as there is no direct equivalent in the current Games Workshop range. The Fimir were one of the creations original to Games Workshop in the early days of Warhammer fantasy, it is a shame they have let this race disappear, it would be nice to see them re-invented for AOS.
I know my kitbashing and green stuff skills are not good enough to to re-create Fimir so I decided that I’d kitbash Something to fill the slot, from early on I decided to use the beast man Gors as a basis.

In my mind these are some kind chaos beastmen, Twisted by the dark powers. I put in a couple of nods to the original Fimir, the weapons are the same and I gave them tails. I still have one more of these to make, I’m tempted to try to upgrade the design a little and give it a single cyclops eye… but that is a challenge for another day.

Lastly here is a sneak peak of the art I’ve started For the wizards card

7 comments on “HQ28 Fimir… of a sort

  1. Brilliant artwork and minis! They’ll more than do for fimir! 🙂

  2. I like it. Although GW didn’t sell Fimir, Forgeworld produced a number of models for this range and I think they were only discontinued last year. Now admittedly you’d have had to sell a kidney to buy them as they were through FW 😉.

  3. I like that Bestman/Genestealer splicing, got to give it a go myself sometime! If you are looking for Fimir, Krakon Games are doing a cracking range, calling them Fomorians. I have a few from a Kickstarter, they are top quality: https://krakongames.com/product-category/fantasy/creatures-of-the-night/fomorian/

  4. Nice work. The use of stealer heads gives them an unfamiliar, and as such, slightly unnerving look. Well done on these two!

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