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Captain Lorgan pulled the battered field viewer from his belt and held it up to his eyes, he flicked the on switch and the display sprang to life. He threaded the dial and the focus adjusted, homing in on the ruined buildings on the horizon. Slowly moved his gaze up to the ashen amber sky, […]

Sisters of the Wolf (1)

Sisters of the Wolf (1)

The legend of the wolf queen It is told that many decades ago Brio L’aphoth, one of the very richest hive lords set out to impress his soon to be third wife, and began to build a menagerie of illegal and imitation animals. One of the transports smuggling several species suffered engine failure and crashed […]

Urban terrain (1)

Made some urban city terrain for 7tv/Black Opps. I wanted to have it useable for late 1960’s onward so have kept thing fairly generic. Also aiming for a decayed feel. Firstly I wanted to make some little piles of rubbish, boxes and black bags. So0 I made a simple template for boxes and some green […]


I have never done a lot of Games Workshop miniatures, but recently I have had a barmy few weeks and painted a pile of 40K stuff, primarily for playing with my sons. More on that in another post. So I have found myself browsing their webstore, and doing so I spotted these beauties Kastelan Robots. […]

Armed Civillians

These are from the Wargames Factory apocalypse survivors sets. I bought them a few years ago and used the bulk of them then for various projects. I fancied painting a few more. I tried to give them a bit of a retro vibe, with the classic trainers and denims. The boxes are a great sets of minis, […]

U.S. Army part two

This time it’s some support teams.    .30 cal machine gun team and Bazooka team.  A sharpshooter and spotter: Command: Jeep with .50 cal  

Union Jack Jackson

One of my favourite comic book characters growing up was Union Jack Jackson of Warlord comic. UJJ was a British soldier stranded in the Pacific, helping the US marines to fight Japan. Jackson firstly had to win the trust of the tough veteran soldiers like O’Bannion and Sarge. When I got my box of the […]

Frostgrave Plastics

I picked up these Frostgrave plastic soldiers, made by Northstar, mainly because of the spares on the sprue and as generic fantasy humans they will have number of uses. I have done a few head and weapons swaps with Bolt Action and Gripping beast minis. The minis are a bit derivative, and very typical of a […]



These are for my 7tv casts. These troopers will be great for ACE grunts, and also be great for UNIT in Dr Who games.      The troopers are Bolt Action plastic bodies, with Wargames Factory weapons and Crooked Dice Heads. (W.I.P shot below)        

Hawksby Agent of A.C.E. 7tv programme guide

Hawksby Agent of A.C.E. 7tv programme guide

Completed this a while ago, only just got round to putting it up here. This is the programme guide for my 7tv show Agents of A.C.E. It is free to download at the bottom of this post. Here are some taster pictures: Here is the guide, but be warned, it is a 14mb .pdf file: ACE Programme […]