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All that Jazz

I picked this lovely set of Jazz musicians up from Eureka Miniatures at Salute in April.


They are a lovely set of characters and will be ideal for my 1920’s Prohibition era stuff. Great to add depth to any pulp era games.

I pre ordered them from Eureka and collected at Salute, because the postage to the UK was nearly as much as the set. I also got a set of jazz era dancers to go with the band, but they are not started yet.

The miniatures are very well sculpted and were cleanly cast with not much flash to remove.


I decided that I wanted to do these as a one piece diorama, rather than separate bases. This is because they will be used more as a scenery item rather than actual participants in the game. I also wanted to put them on some kind of stage (But one flexible enough to go into a few environments, night club, speakeasy, or makeshift stage at a rural dance even.



This meant that the painful task of removing the droplet bases had to be begun! I don’t care for droplet bases much myself, I prefer slotta-tabs, not that I prefer slotta style bases, but the tabs are much easier to remove than the droplet style bases. The drum kit, and two seats were particularly tough going, but after nearly 2 hours of careful clipping, cutting and filing they were removed. Then I simply mounted them individually on chunks of foam core board for painting.


The stage was simple costa coffee style stirrers carefully cut and mounted onto a plasticard base.


The finished product:



Am very pleased with this little addition to my 1920’s world. A highly recommended set.



One comment on “All that Jazz

  1. Simply stunning work Mike……..looks like they will be down the speakeasy on a very long contract!

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