What every Criminal Master mind needs

Based on the Hughes 500 commercial helicopter this is the ideal vehicle for the stylish criminal mastermind!



I picked this Academy 1/48 kit up from ebay for just over £5.


After some procrastination I settled on red with the white stripe colour scheme, suggested by BigAl, and set about making it. The instructions in the kit are not in English, but the pictures are reasonably clear. I assembled it in 4 pieces.. the two sides, the interior seating and the rotor and blades. I painted each section separately and then assembled it. The front glass pane was difficult to attach and as a result sadly got a few glue smudges. I painted it using layers of thin acrylic. I don’t have an air brush, and don’t do enough vehicles to justify the expense of getting one. Im fairly happy with it. It will serve as a nice objective marker/ transport for 7tv and Dr Who games.


I wouldn’t mind adding some sort of weapon system, but nothing too drastic. One day I hope to get a Westland Lynx 1/48 airfix kit… this will be painted black, given UNIT insignia and some serious weapons… flying Dalek killer… but for now I’m happy with this.

5 comments on “What every Criminal Master mind needs

  1. What a great idea…looks striking against the painted minis! 🙂

  2. That is pretty cool, can’t wait for the anti Dalek attack Lynx!!!

  3. […] love helicopters! And after wetting my appetite with the little Hughes 500 See here for more on that I decided to get myself this kit from Airfix. I had long been eying it up, and when a forum pal […]

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