Arsenal Miniatures


This splendid figure of a mid 16th century Italian mercenary captain is soon to be released in an exciting new range of figures developed by Warlord Games. Originally the concept of a range of figures to represent the Heroes of the Great Siege of Malta was developed by an Italian architect, the captain is one of these original figures.

The moulds were purchased by Warlord games and the prospect of a wider range was born to represent soldiers from this period. Credit must be given to the sleuth like skills of Clivethecelt who managed to track down contact details for the original owner. Paul Hicks was comissioned to return to the range and has been busy sculpting additional figures based on the research of a German historian and a native Maltese enthusiast.

What these will look like is a mystery BUT if they are anything like the few figures he has already created they will be a must have purchase for both wargamers and painters alike.
More details here.


The figure you see here is cast in metal and comes in the usual two parts, horse and rider.
The dog is from Warlord Games too.

For the sad tale of dogs on Malta during the siege find out more in this contemporary account

The base is by Renedra as is the jug. Check out their brand new web site.


Citadel acrylic paints.
PVA and sand basing material
Liquid green stuff
Super glue
I painted the horse and rider together as a single figure

Simply delightful to paint. Some minor cleaning to do and I’m led to believe the production figure will have even less AND more detailing in the horse.

To have saved these figures from obscurity is something Warlord Games should be thanked for. I for one can’t wait to see the new figures and the ‘completed’ originals.

Aesthetics: 5/5
Production: 4/5 (pre production version)


3 comments on “Arsenal Miniatures

  1. Dude, that is AWESOME! Malta, Malta, Malta OY OY OY!

  2. Cheers Grant ; )

  3. Lovely work Clink…at the moment that’s an ultra rare figure!!!!

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