The Agents of A.C.E. 7TV AAR Cult of the Manster

The Cast List


Jackson Hawksby
Penny Black
Agent Blue
4 Taskforce Commandos

222 ratings

The Cult

Cult leader

2 thugees
3 cultists
8 Plain Clothes minions

212 ratings



Preiously on Agents of A.C.E.
The cultish followers of long supposed dead evil mastermind Jason Manster (aka the Manster) have been discovered in a leafy english village. They have managed to obtain the still living brain of the evil villain and have made a new body to reanimate him, using a mixture of ritual and dark science. It is a race against time as Hawksby and the Agents of ACE try to capture the brain before it is put in the new body.



Episode Recap

The game started with Good taking the initiative. Agent blue and one if the commandos head around the church to the left, Penny headed right and Jackson went in the middle… The plan to attack the altar from 3 directions.

However complications soon ensued as a crazed cultist killed one of the commandos, but was in turn dispatched by Hawksby.



The next 4 turns saw the heroes suffer setbacks as Jackson and the commando leader were held back by another cultist and some well armed minions, and penny became involved in an extended melee with a tough thuggee and two minions. Matters were not helped by evil getting the initiative 3 turns in a row.

image image

The good guys luck eventually changed as agent blue made it around the church and duress off a few shots wounding the cult leader.
Penny was finally able to put down the thuggee and two minions. Seeing this deadly desplay of martial arts a nearby minion panicked and fled.

The Cult leader was now vey close to re animating the Manster and the evil mastermind himself stepped in taking control of one of the remaining commandos, who attacked agent blue… Ineffectively, but enough to keep him from finishing the cult leader.


In the next turn Jackson made it to the altar but was stopped in his tracks to tackle one of the two remaining cultists. The remainder of the cults minions had now fled.

Taking the initiative in the next turn the wounded cult leader was able to complete the rites and the Manster was reborn. However Hawksby dispatched the cultist he was fighting and took the newly reanimated mastermind captive… The cult leader having no chance to intervene due to some sharp shooting by Penny.

image image

The game was over, a victory to the Agents of ACE, but not a total one.

The cultists were either wiped out or dispersed but they had succeeded in their aim to restore the Manster.

The agents lost 3 commandos and Penny was wounded. And although restored to life Jason Manster is safely under lock and key…. Tune in next time for another exciting adventure in The Agents of A.C.E. and the Day of the Assassin.





Played with the Crooked Dice 7tv rules… A rule set I cannot recommend enough. The game is fast, fun and quirky. With lots of depth and a tool kit to easily create your own casts and episodes.

Miniatures are a mixture of Crooked Dice, Heresy, Coppelstone Castings, Artizan and Bolt Action.

Cast list and scenario details here in PDF form.




5 comments on “The Agents of A.C.E. 7TV AAR Cult of the Manster

  1. Who says there’s nothing good on tv these days ; )

  2. Thanks Carvel. Was more fun than watching telly for a couple of hours for sure!

  3. Lovin’ the film noir b/w shot!

  4. lovely stuff as always!!!! love that car!

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