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Necromunda Bounty Hunter Gang

Necromunda Bounty Hunter Gang

There are those who dwell in the depth of the underhive, they are the rejected, the disavowed, the the forgotten and those who want to be are seeking oblivion. Bound together by nothing other than their mutual desolation the Congress of Eight are a desperate clan of hive scum headhunters…

Start Collecting… Squats!

Last year sadly one of my favourite Hobby Shops, Ian Allen in Birmingham closed down. I was gutted that it went, but did pick up a few bargains in the shut down sale, one of them was a Kharadon Overlords start collecting set. I could have built this ‘out of the box’ and added it […]


Captain Lorgan pulled the battered field viewer from his belt and held it up to his eyes, he flicked the on switch and the display sprang to life. He threaded the dial and the focus adjusted, homing in on the ruined buildings on the horizon. Slowly moved his gaze up to the ashen amber sky, […]