HQ28 Orks

First of the deadly dungeon in habitants are these two Orks, I started with them as they have always been my favourite fantasy villains.

Like in the original game I want a mix of weapons. Cleavers, swords axes and maces… two of each weapon to make the compliment of 8 orks. Cleaver guy had changes to his left arm, weapon and helmet.

Axe also had a few changes, his right arm and weapon are from the WH40k ork bikers set, and his left arm was also modified to give him a stance a bit reminiscent of the HeroQuest orks.

Im quite happy with how these turned out, I think the dirty colour scheme helps avoiding them looking too comedic and cartoonish which can often be the case with modern Citadel greenskins.

5 comments on “HQ28 Orks

  1. I have to agree that the darker scheme works very well with them. Orcs and skeletons were my early bread and butter and it’s probably of no surprise that they were two of the first fantasy armies that found there way to me

  2. A pretty mean looking pair I think!

  3. The gritty scheme you’re using on this project looks great, and works really well on the orcs.

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