HeroQuest 28 – First Heroes

These are the first two miniatures completed for my HeroQuest project.

The wizard is kit bashed from a gene stealer cults magus, with a chaos marauder head. I wanted him to look like an older, and yet more powerful version of the Hero Quest wizard. I chose to give him a gloved right hand to add some narrative to the miniature, perhaps his hand is damaged and scarred from a spell gone awry ore a previous battle. It is also a sneaky nod to Luke Skywalker. After I kit bashed the mini I felt it had a look of old Luke about it, so I thought he really then had to have the gloved hand

I wanted this mini to look like a mash up of the classic dwarf from old school Warhammer and the new Khadaron Overlords. I also wanted hm to have the look of a well travelled treasure hunter. Head from Northstar, backpack from bolt action.

Lastly here is a sneak peak… initial design for the hero cards started.

11 comments on “HeroQuest 28 – First Heroes

  1. Both very nice. Funnily enough I thought of Luke Skywalker when I first saw the picture of the wizard, before I’d read through the text, so I’d say you’ve captured old Luke nicely. The dwarf is great too, that backpack works nicely in conveying the wandering adventurer vibe – definitely an idea I’ll be filing away for later!

  2. These both look fantastic, and these is definitely a resonance with old Luke there! Very cool!

  3. Fantastic start Mike! I love the look of these two.

  4. Awesome man and what a great project

  5. Oh, those are very lovely! They also serve as a great proof of concept for what you are trying to do with this!

    The bare head on the dwarf was a bit distracting at first, although it’s growing on me — how about some faded tattoes on the side of the head, though?

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