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His men advanced in standard fire teams, moving almost silently through the rubble and debris, clearing the city streets one ruined building at a time. These men were the best, the toughest and most fearless, his ‘disposables’.

“Sector 13 clear General Duce,” a voice crackled over the comm  “shall we move on to the next one sir?” It was Sargent Jabe. Duce felt a cold tingle in his spine… he had been in  enough battles in enough forsaken places to know not to ignore his instincts.

“Negative, hold your position until we arrive, I don’t want you to become cut off,” He replied “We’ve not seen the enemy yet, but they are close, I can feel them, smell them in the air”

Without warning, almost as if his words were a cue the dark grey smog that surrounded the soldiers blazed with pin pricks of light. “Take cover, las fire” shouted Duce.

His men scrambled for shelter, the walls and ground around them exploded in puffs if dust as the laser rounds impacted. Some men weren’t quick or lucky enough and the lethal fire burned through armour, flesh and bone cutting them down.

Duce knelt behind a thick block of damaged wall, he pulled out his plasma pistol and sent a barrage of super heated rounds in the direction of the enemy fire. His men and their unseen foes exchanged blasts for an extended few moments and then for a brief second all fell silent. “Brace for an assault” yelled Duce, flicking the switch on his chain sword, the lethal weapon roared to life. The chainsword, not a weapon of finesse or subtlety, but the perfect instrument for a street brawl.

Menacing twisted half xenos mutants emerged from the dense fog, covering the ground between them and the disposables with surprising speed. Duce didn’t wait for them to attack, he knew enough about the power of motion and ferocity combined to be sure that simply waiting on the defensive was not going to be enough here. He lept over the wall swinging his weapon in a vicious arc. ”On me!” He roared the command to his troops.

His chainsword hit home cutting a swathe through cloth, armour and bone. The startled foes were unable to react quickly enough to the ferocity of Duce and his troopers counter attack, a dozen or more were slain before they rallied and fought back. By that point the momentum of their attack was broken. Still they determined to fight on. The largest of the xenos, clearly a leader, a hideous hooded hunchbacked mass of claws and poisonous weaponry lunged towards Duce, swinging is blade towards his head. Trooper McKinnon propelled himself from the ground, placing his body between the blade and Duce. The blow tore into him and his body fell lifelessly in a heap, he died as he had lived, in service of his beloved commander. His sacrifice gave Duce the few seconds he needed, spinning on one heel he brought the whirling chainsword round to meet the beasts next blow. Chainsword met blade in a clash of strength and will. The monsters blade sparked and strained before shattering sending splints of white hot metal into the air. Duce’s weapon carried on, the full momentum of his blow behind it. It was a well aimed blow, the creature’s head flew from it’s body, which tottered for a brief moment before crashing backwards to the earth.

Seeing their champion fall the remaining beasts silently began withdraw and dispersed back into the fog the had emerged from. Leaving Duce and his surviving men in the now eerie silence of the battlefield.



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  1. Love it! That is a very nice figure indeed!

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