img_47862Captain Lorgan pulled the battered field viewer from his belt and held it up to his eyes, he flicked the on switch and the display sprang to life. He threaded the dial and the focus adjusted, homing in on the ruined buildings on the horizon. Slowly moved his gaze up to the ashen amber sky, scanning for any sign of movement. Flecks of dust and floating debris drifted across his vision.

Then he saw them, a series of specs moving across the screen. His thumb rolled across the dial zooming the display in on the fast moving objects, the blurred image came into focus.

“Get down lads, we’ve got in coming” He shouted, “Screechers”

His men scrambled for cover. His elite killteam were some of the best in the whole army but even these men were rightly wary of these flying terrors. They were upon them in seconds, locust like these flying machines swooped and fired, the skeletal half mechanical riders made no sound and showed no expression of emotion as they set about their deadly work. Laser rounds and missiles from the screechers tore into the ground and buildings around Killteam Lorgan.

“Return fire” snarled the Captain, rolling out from behind a wall and releasing a flurry of bolter round. The nearest screecher took the brunt of the blasts, its lower right arm was blown clean off, but this didn’t deter it. Turning it swooped down, killing blade in its remaining hand and landed a searing blow on the captain. The blade cut deep, up his back and through his shoulder. The Captain felt dizzy with the pain but fought through it and raised his gun again to fire. The screecher had again rounded and was heading straight for the wounded leader. The captain steadied his hand, but the waves of pain blinded his mind, pull the trigger his brain screamed, but his finger wouldn’t move.

The screacher, perhaps sensing blood, rushed down to slay it’s wounded prey. Its head exploded, almost silently, into a thousand tiny fragments. It’s now out of control flying machine span of and exploded into the dirt feet from the captain.

Lorgan looked over and nodded his thanks to trooper Hebbert, the finest sniper he’d ever known.

So called screechers are the piloted flying element of the Darkening Mind’s assault forces, heavily armed for both ranged and close combat, deadly and very fast these are formidable opponents for even the best troops.

These were kitbashed from various kits including the Adeptus Mechnicus Ruststalkers and the Adeptus Custodes jet bikes.



3 comments on “Screechers

  1. Very nice! They definitely look as though they don’t want to be messed with. I think I’d like one of them for the daily commute!

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