The Retinue (1)

IMG_8823The first two members of the Inquisitor Warband

On the right is Brother Moragain. Formerly of the Blood Angels chapter, then he became a member Deathwatch. He was renown as a merciless and fearless warrior, noted for his strength and iron will. It was as a member of Deasthwatch that he first crossed paths with Inquisitor Blight. During a vicious Ork incursion on Pelio IV Moragain was severely mauled by an enraged warboss, losing his arm and leg in the battle. His life was saved by the Inquisitor who brought the righteous wrath of the Emperor down on the warboss, via his expertly wielded chain sword. After recovering from his injuries Moragain was given special dispensation to join the Inquisitor as his bodyguard. Despite his damaged body he is still a formidable fighter and is noted for the Ad Mech phosphor blaster he took from the battlefield and used to replace his damaged arm.

In the left is Quen Y’rah. Although some members of the inquisition would call it heresy Inquisitor Blight is happy to rely on the powers of foresight afforded by Quen’s psyched gifts. Quen is one of Blights oldest associates, they have known each other since their long forgotten youth. Unpredictable and mysterious little is know of Quen, he seldom speaks to others, and never about himself or small talk. Quen is a powerful Psycher and a vicious hand to hand combatant.


5 comments on “The Retinue (1)

  1. Very nice mate – that gun is wonderfully OTT! I really like the hazard stripes on it, and the termie body is just about chunky enough to carry it off successfully. Is there any chance of going back to fix up the barrel a little? Typical luck that the kit puts a seam in such a noticeable spot :-/

    Quen is just superb – creepy and sinister in equal measure. Bravo!

  2. Like these two and that is definitely a BFG!

  3. So cool man. The hazard stripes work well

  4. How did I miss this post in my reader? This pair is fantastic. I really love the Terminator conversion. Outstanding Inq28 work here!

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