The Inquisitor

597A9B52-5CD7-4EB9-9220-B8A7E39B3880 Inquisitor Morecroft Blight of the Ordo Xenos 

I have begun to assemble an inquisitor and his retinue for a narrative Necromunda/inq28/spacehulk style mash-up. 

Morecroft Blight is a dreaded hunter of aliens, heretics and any other abominations that cross his path. 

He will have a 10 person Retinue of faithful followers, fellow zealots and paid bounty hunters. 

I will introduce his Retinue in future posts.

Clad in white power armour to symbolise his purity Inquisitor Blight is a truly righteous defender of the imperium. He has fought in many brutal conflicts, overthrown sinister incursions by infected cultists. He will not suffer fools or betrayal. He is almost as faithful to his friends and companions as he is to his beloved imperium, and in turn he inspires fierce personal loyalty in those that follow him.





7 comments on “The Inquisitor

  1. Cool – loads of character here! I really like that chainsword mate – where’s it from?

  2. Excellent work here. While I immediately recognised the Sanguinary Priest as the basis for most of the model, that’s basically because I have him sitting on my desk right now. You’ve done a great job of actually making it look like an entirely different thing here with the new head, shroud, text and pauldrons along with the black robe. Food for future, thought…

    • Thanks. The Sanguinary is a great model, but very blood angels, lots of regalia that mark him to that chapter, took me a while to remove it all, but worth the effort. I like to think he makes a striking centre piece for my war band

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