Hive Scum Bounty Hunters

I recently kit bashed a few Necromunda bounty hunters. I haven’t worked out any back story for these yet. Eventually I want to have enough to field a while gang of hive scum, at that point I’ll create them some fluff and character statistics.



10 comments on “Hive Scum Bounty Hunters

  1. I hope you don’t mind me saying, but the skitarii legs look a little off to me… I think the flat bit on the thigh where the coats are supposed to connect make the legs look a little skinny, but that said, it’s a great looking gang mate – the big fella with the storm bolter is a right bruiser!

  2. Thanks Alex, good feedback.. might build the thigh up with a little green stuff to make it look less skinny.

  3. I can see what Alex means but I quite like the lanky gangliness to them. Makes them kind of creepy, almost insect-like

  4. A mean looking lot! The red and black works well together!

  5. These guys look great. The legs might be an issue on red-pants (I would never have noticed) but I’m not sure as It’s hard to see his thighs. I can’t see any issues at all on the guy with tan pants and the Skitarii helm, though.
    If anything. I’d call them too geared and nasty looking as Bounty Hunters to be relegated to just the Undehive, though!

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