Squad:March… infestation

IMG_8358A break from the Lost Legionnaires…

After last months great painting challenges I decided I had to step up with Azazel’s March Challenge Squad:March! To Finnish a squad. I decided to have a bash at these Genestealer Cultists, who have infested an IG command squad. I built these back in November then my hobby attention deficit (as my friend describes it) kicked in and I forgot about them. This months White Dwarf Genestealer Cult rules for Necromunda insider me to slap some paint on them. Here they are painted up.


8 comments on “Squad:March… infestation

  1. These guys look great – well done. 🙂 I also really like the work on the bases, the little touch of Nihilakh Oxide looks especially effective.

  2. These are brilliant mate – the flesh tone is really spot on, and contrasts perfectly with the drab military colours. Sniper guy is my fave – beautiful work mate.

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