Finish a neglected model (4) February Challenge update

Thanks to all those putting up the painting challenges this month, particularly Azazel  I think I managed a definite 2 completed challenges and possible 3.

Here is my last submission for the neglected model category… the final Primaris in the pack.


The other challenges I completed were the FEBruary miniature with my Soviet Sniper for Bolt Action. She was also a neglected model having been sitting undercoated for mire than half a year.

So my last question is for the Space Marine Primaris Rievers count as SQUADuary too? There were 3 models in the pack, but is that a legal squad? What do you think?

Pleased with my painting progress this month as I have also made big inroads into Necromunda stuff. I painted more than I bought too! That and I have been inspired (by so many of you great bloggers) to blog a bit more about my projects.


9 comments on “Finish a neglected model (4) February Challenge update

  1. Nice work finishing up your primaris marines and for completing all of the challenges. It isn’t necessarily for me to say about completing challenges, but since you are soliciting opinions there are three ways you could look at it: first, the minimum size of a reiver squad in the codex is five models so if the challenge is to complete a legal unit then you didn’t, even though you did complete the box. (I recently put together a box of six poxwalkers, which is a similar situation since you need ten to make a legal unit.) On the other hand, you can legally take an under strength unit in both Matched and Narrative Play rules so there is that. Personally though, legal unit to me means minimum size to play games without it being under strength so it’d have to be a five man squad. But who knows? 🙂

  2. I mean to say “two ways”….

  3. Great work on those, that’s a pretty cool colour scheme – and good to see you blogging more with your minis. I’ll try to do a round-up this weekend, but I fear it might well be next weekend. I’ve not even had my PC turned on between Sunday midday and this morning, so I’m way behind on all of the things…

  4. Nice colour scheme Mikey. They look ace

  5. […] also completed this trio of Primaris Space Marine Reivers. (Space Marines can’t spell, […]

  6. […] also completed this trio of Primaris Space Marine Reivers. (Space Marines can’t spell, […]

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