Sisters of the Wolf (2)

Here is the rest of Tala’s House Escher gang. Pleased to have actually finished a unit. And with just 4 Goliath gang members to paint who knows, I might actually get a game played! I have a couple of spare bodies and a few kit bash ideas so there will be potentially more additions to this gang in the future.


9 comments on “Sisters of the Wolf (2)

  1. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of Tala’s hen night! Great stuff.

  2. Nice man! I prefer this cooour scheme over the yellows

  3. Excellent work here, mate!

  4. Nice stuff. I’m having flashbacks to some of the bands I used to like when I was a yung-un.

  5. […] with my painting progress this month as I have also made big inroads into Necromunda stuff. I painted more than I bought too! That and I have been inspired (by so many of you great bloggers) […]

  6. Again, superb (that pink is just blowing my mind!)

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