Sisters of the Wolf (1)

The legend of the wolf queen

It is told that many decades ago Brio L’aphoth, one of the very richest hive lords set out to impress his soon to be third wife, and began to build a menagerie of illegal and imitation animals. One of the transports smuggling several species suffered engine failure and crashed in the waste lands outside the hive. Among the animals that escaped were three genetically created wolf cubs. By the time the recovery crews arrived the wolves were gone having killed and eaten most of the other escaped animals.

The escaped wolf pack soon faded into hive legend and was all but forgotten until many years later. In the vicious gang war that tore through the hive following the ‘Caspian’ incident, Crime Boss Mordo Wacalla and his two sons were murdered. His wife and three daughters were cast out into the wilderness.

The older two daughters and mother soon died in the hostile conditions, but Tala the youngest proved tougher and more resourceful. No one knows how but she came upon the three wolves and somehow integrated into their pack. Learning from them how to fight and survive. Eventually as she grew in strength and will she came to lead the pack. Other outcast women were drawn to the pack of the wolf queen, until she felt strong and confident enough to return to the hive.

Pledging their loyalty to the house Escher Tala’s Sisters of the Wolf soon rose to notoriety among the gangs of the underhive. Cutting a bloody swathe in to neighbouring gang’s territory, and earning a brutal reputation second to none, the gang became to stuff of legends and nightmares. All the while in the darkest places of Tala’s thoughts she plotted a terrible vengeance upon those who murdered her family and cast her to the wolves.


Apologies for the rambling narrative intro. This is the first of two posts about my House Escher gang the Sisters of the Wolf. This is Tala the wolf queen. I have plans for a second upgraded model of her but I need to wait for funds to buy some bits.


10 comments on “Sisters of the Wolf (1)

  1. Fun story and as for that wolf, if she could wrangle up another one she could use the pair to pull a chariot into battle!

  2. She looks like one mean bitch. Well done mate

  3. […] is the rest of Tala’s House Escher gang. Pleased to have actually finished a unit. And with just 4 Goliath gang members […]

  4. Very cool – the model, the paint and the backstory!

  5. […] with my painting progress this month as I have also made big inroads into Necromunda stuff. I painted more than I bought too! That and I have been inspired (by so many of you great […]

  6. How did I miss this!! Superb mate, that pink is just brilliant, and great converting – love it!

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