Finish a neglected model (3)

Azazel has really go me onto something. Second neglected model completed. This is an old (c.early 90’s) Plastic Rhino. I was given in a while ago, with a bunch of other old 40k stuff. I started tinkering with it and then became distracted and it has been left on the side since then.

I repaired several damaged panels, fitted a weapons upgrade and give it a re-paint.

The colours are for the Emperor’s Hammers Legion Space Marine Chapter (the space marine chapter I made up back in the 90’s).

Next up the second Primaris reaver and something Bolt Action.




10 comments on “Finish a neglected model (3)

  1. That was quick! It looks awesome 🙂

  2. Looking good (in a rusty way)!

    Have you considered putting some tubing to repair the missing smokestacks?

  3. That looks great! Nicely worn and weatherbeaten and the upgunned look is very effective. It’s a great feeling digging out some of that old stuff and finally finishing it off to a standard that you’re satisfied with, isn’t it? 🙂

  4. Nice upgrade & repair job, rust effects look great

  5. Yes, I agree with the others, it is a nice refurbishing of an old model.

  6. […] from Starship Vorenus completed three sets of models this month – finishing a repaint of an old-school/oldhammer […]

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