Pirate Orks

What better to fight steamship dwarves than pirate Orks. Orks by Games workshop, heads a mixture of green stuff and Spellcrow miniatures. Chinook/defkopter/galleon is scratch built.


8 comments on “Pirate Orks

  1. OMG this is your best!! These are brilliant. So the ship/chopper is from spellcrow?? Very cool.

  2. […] Pirate Orks @ Starship Vorenus – Some cool conversions for Warhammer.  I enjoyed this blog’s recent post of completed Kharadron Overlord airships, but this is even better.  The author has done an Orc version!  An Orc airship and Orc aerial troopers.  They look great.  They’re well converted and well painted, but the most important thing is that they are just really fun!  So cool! […]

  3. These guys are fantastic! Every part of the project is outstanding – the kitbashed orks, the paint on them, and especially the fact that Da Choppa was scratchbuilt. Really cool work.

  4. Clever and well painted. I have a friend who is putting together a “pirate” band of orks. I’ll make sure he sees this. Well done.–The GM

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