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I have never done a lot of Games Workshop miniatures, but recently I have had a barmy few weeks and painted a pile of 40K stuff, primarily for playing with my sons. More on that in another post. So I have found myself browsing their webstore, and doing so I spotted these beauties Kastelan Robots. My brief online research has shown that many GW fans dislike the design of these for the very reason I love them, they are very retro, (almost Big Hero 6 ish). I have been looking for a Mech for my 7TV based A.C.E. games for a while, and these fitted the bill perfectly.

Here is my efforts at painting the first one up. Ignoring the GW I.P. instantly gives you freedom to do as you like, so I made his flamer into some sort of green plasma cannon.

The backstory in our games  for this is that it is one of two experimental US Mechs made at the close of WW2, discovered by the agents of ACE in the 70’s and used to battle alien foes. I will paint the second one in Olive Green Drab to make it look more military, may even add a US flag to its shoulder pad.

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