U.S. Army part 3 

Last part, two tanks and some infantry.

Firstly two Sherman tanks. The mainstay of Allied armour from 1943 onwards the ubiquitous Sherman was the most priduced tank of the war. With tens of thousands entering service. 
Fittingly there are two 1/56 plastic kits currently on the market. The Rubicon Models one (left of the picture below) and the Warlord Games one.
This is not intended as a comparison, I really like both kits, though both have a few minor flaws.
Also here is my third infantry squad. Once again I have one ‘heroic’ guy with I helmet.

Here are a couple more shots of the tanks, to illustrate how well the two kits work together, and to show the stowage I added to the rubicon kit.


2 comments on “U.S. Army part 3 

  1. My biggest gripe with Rubicon is the lack of slack in the threads. Otherwise, it’s even good to have different manufacturers for there’s like a gazillion different sherman models and this sets them appart nicely.

    By the way, good job on the painting and weathering. These two stand out nicely. Any chance for a small if brief step by step? I have painted an M3 but it’s completely dull and devoid of life.

  2. Thank You. They are neat little kits the Rubicon ones, this was one of their earliest ones, Im told their later ones are even better. My only problem was that my standard plastic glue (Contacta by Revell) doesn’t work on them, I had to buy some Humbrol.

    Weathering is a mixture of powders, very fine san and the Citadel Technical Paint Typhus Corrosion (great stuff for clogging treads and oily streaks. My next tank project is a T34/85 I will take some W.I.P pictures and do a quick tutorial of my weathering efforts.

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