M3 Grant Medium Tank


This is an M3 Grant tanks painted for the 8th army. The camo scheme was inspired by the one at Bovington tank museum. Again it needs the decals adding, still haven’t made my mind up what symbols to put on.

This us a Blitzkreig miniatures model. It is a beautiful model but I had real problems with paint adhesion. Despite having thoroughly washed it (scrubbed with a soft brush). The paint wouldn’t hold, either spray or brush on. Eventually I got it to hold with multiple coasts if spray,but a little detail suffered. I have had other Blitzkreig kits and not had the same issue.



2 comments on “M3 Grant Medium Tank

  1. This mechanical and rivety contraption has a special place in my heart. When I was a starting wargamer I coverted my leading Russ tank into a Lemman-Grant hybrid of sorts (with a cut pencil for gun, nonetheless).

    The model and livery fit together nicely. Would it be rude to suggest drilling that barrel?

    It’s odd what you say about the paint not holding, maybe some problem with the resin cast? Did Blitzkrieg say something about it? Perhaps there’s a solution around. However the detail loss is not really appreciable from here.

    Good job!

    • Thanks! I love this model of tank too. An oddity, but very iconic. Great idea about drilling the barrels, always happy to have suggestions.

      I have emailed Blutzkreig see if they have a solution. It is very strange, I bought a Panze 3 at the same time and that had had no similar issues.

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