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Frostgrave Plastics

I picked up these Frostgrave plastic soldiers, made by Northstar, mainly because of the spares on the sprue and as generic fantasy humans they will have number of uses. I have done a few head and weapons swaps with Bolt Action and Gripping beast minis.



The minis are a bit derivative, and very typical of a certain era of fantasy miniature, but they have a lot of options and paint up really nicely.

The Sprues have plenty y of useful stuff, pouches, ropes etc. Another their plus is that they fit in well with a lot of the historical ranges of plastics, so there are literally thousands of possibilities. Size wise they also fit well with the Games Workshop Lord of the Ring/Hobbit range.

I have not played Frostgrave and probably won’t, the concept doesn’t really grab me, but these will see a lot of use elsewhere.


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