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Row boats and Pirates

I decided I wanted to scratch build a row boat or two for my pirates. After a bit of web based research into the types of boat I wanted to make I set to work.Row-boat-method-1

The balance in this was going to be between accuracy, playability and my modelling skills. Firstly I drew up some simple plans on the computer, printed and cut out. I then assembled a paper prototype. After this, with some slight tweaks I printed a second set of plans and cut them out.
Then using these as a guide I cut the prices out of a fairly heavy plasticard. I scored a wood grain pattern into the prices using my craft knife.
Then I superglued the prices together. This was fairly easy, though because some prices required bending I masking taped them secure while the glue dried.
Lastly I used a bit of greenstuff to tidy up the joints.
Version 1 Painted.
At the suggestion of a friend, I slightly modified the plans for version 2 to give a slightly more dramatic curve, and an alternate stern.
Here are a few of the Northstar Pirates I painted, ready for action with their row boats.
There may yet be a mark 3 boat, but I may visit the Hull docks museum for more research before I embark on it.
Edit: Here is the template I used to make the boats, but be warned it is not 100% perfect, I did a little trimming and whittling here and there on the peices as I assembled, but it is a good starting point.

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