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Andersonville S.H.A.D.O. Command

Si's Soldiers

Been working on this for a while…. I wanted to have a lot more of the characters of the series UFO in my S.H.A.D.O. Forces…I already had Commander Ed Straker, but wanted him in a different posefrom the original sculpt (I hope Ian Mountain forgives me for butchering the figure!!!) It was tricky but I managed to remove Straker’s arms from behind his back, add some spares…which i think might be from a perry kit.

I then added a weapon from Crooked dice, normally found in the hands of some federated troopers….for a bit more punch!

Since the original figures head was seperate and I had taken the arms off of one figure i did it again!…this time the aim was to have a Col. Alec Freeman figure.

I took a head from C.D range and sculpted some hair out of Green stuff…..He isn’t that much like siad character…

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