First Painted Big T

The Resin Big T minis have began to ship. And we already have one in painted glory.
Carvel big T
Starship Vorenus contributor and Painter/Modelmaker extraordinaire Carvel has turned his expert hand to produce this excellent mob boss. The brilliant painting on his trade mark flashy shirt is a particular highlight, set off by his snazy red trousers… Not to mention Carvel’s imaginative (if not for the squeamish) use for the spare hand that comes with the limited resin Big T.

Keep your eyes peeled as the ‘official’ painted Big T has just landed from Canada… photos up later this week.

Big T is available to buy for Pigeon Guard Games.


2 comments on “First Painted Big T

  1. From the dodgy shirt to the big gold watch, this paint job captures the tone of Big T nicely. Well done

  2. fantastic work Carvel…just love that shirt! hahahaha shortly after your picture was taken he went home and changed his shirt for something a bit more subtle as he was going out for a sandwich;)

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