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The Jolly Roger, Scourge of the High Seas

We played our second game of Osprey’s new pirate themed rules On the Seven Seas last evening. Pirates-1 His Majesty’s Navy, hunting the pirates, came under attack from Captain Hook and Calico Jack. Hook opened fire on the navy brig and then swerved in to grapple and board. This caught the naval Captain off guard and Smee jumped aboard without opposition, showing his men the way. Long John Silver tried to board the HMN vessel three times and fell in the drink on the third attempt. He eventually managed to climb out and eventually jumped aboard that large ship. Smee fought on bravely, surviving a number of attacks and killing the Navy Captain before being shot down by the marine contingent. Ed Leake soon followed along with another two fine lads. Calico Jack sailed around the bay admiring the battle from the safety of his sloop, but eventually decided to join in when the fight was nearly over. Despite their losses the pirates won the day. The Royal Navy will be looking for revenge after losing their ship, five members of their crew captured and held for ransom. pirate-5 pirate-4 pirate-3
pirate-2 The rules played a lot better than the first game we had a couple of weeks ago. We had sought some clarification from Osprey on a few points and the suggestions/amendments offered by Phil there, plus the third perspective of another club member helped to iron out the problems we came across in the first game. I would say these are probably worth a punt if you are interested in playing a pirate based game. The game flows quite smoothly, and ship movement is nice and simple. The rules are in need of a better playsheet, we certainly had a lot of flicking through the book, but that should improve after a few games. Like some pervious publications in the Osprey Wargaming Range these rules are supported by a very fine set of tie-in miniatures from Northstar.


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