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Jousting Fun


I picked up the Crossed Lances rules for Medieval Tournaments this year at Salute.  Only two of us were available to play but that didn’t stop us having a great fun game. The rules and accessories are on the expensive side but they are simple to understand and easy to get playing. I imagine these would be excellent for larger groups.

In my second pass I was unseated, but returned the favour on the next run. However, we both rolled unseat opponent in the following pass, but they were negated by the pair of us being outside the “attain” area. Great fun.

We then tried the grand melee. Interesting system. The points you score are placed on your target. If you go over 20 points you are dead. You may retire at 19 or 20 points. Fouls score points against you. A bit like losing popularity with the crowd. Movement is interesting and works a bit like Wings of War. A good game, but the price might be an issue for some..image




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