Lynx Helicopter for U.N.I.T.

I love helicopters! And after wetting my appetite with the little Hughes 500 See here for more on that I decided to get myself this kit from Airfix. I had long been eying it up, and when a forum pal pointed out it was less than half price on Amazon I took the plunge. (Thanks Tommy!)


The set was delivered promptly and contains 4 sprues to make the helicopter and a sprue of infantry. Plus cheapy brushes and paint.  The Infantry are okay, not amazingly sculpted, but not bad, anatomically they are probably fairly correct, but they look a bit elongated, and the poses are a bit awkward. (I suspect digital sculpting). But that is another post for another day perhaps.

The helicopter sprues are a different matter, beautifully sculpted and moulded the parts fit together really well and contain loads of delicate detail.

I assembled it a bit at a time, painting the relevant parts as I went. So the inside is first.

photo 1

I painted the chairs floor and walls at this stage, and added the control panel decal. As this is for wargaming I painted it to wargaming standard and was happy enough with the decal control panel. But I imagine if you want more you can find after market resin or etched control consoles. 

photo 2

photo 3

Next was the pilot. My one complaint about the set is the lack of a pilot miniature! Why this is omitted is anyones guess, but it seems to be the case with most Airfix helicopter kits. After failing to win a suitable spare from ebay, and getting no reply from Airfix spares I embarked on a kit bash. Bolt Action Plastic torso and arms, green stuff legs and a Perry Wars of the roses plastic head combined to make a convincing enough pilot. (he would be behind glass after all!)

photo 4

The rest was assembled quite easily. One slight glitch was the masking tape I used to secure the two haves when glueing them together left a sticky residue, however a bit of Dettol on a cotton bud soon cleaned this off. 

Also worth remembering if you are going to have the sliding door open, to either leave it off till after painting or to paint the fuselage behind where the window will be. I when for the second option (as you can just about see from the photo). 

The rest of the kit went together nicely and I also added some Dalek Buster Cannons (some Puppets War ones given to me! Thanks Si!) Used with some spares from the kit and a length of plastic hose from a childs toy, the upgraded weaponry looks fairly convincing but not too ott. 

photo 5

Next was painting. I brush paint (I don’t do enough vehicles, or have the cash to outlay for an airbrush) So I just used several thin coats of black, and then a very thin highlight of 85% black 15% white.

photo 1

I masked off the windows using Tamiya 6mm masking tape and then added selected decals from the kit, plus some of the custom U.N.I.T. ones. 

Here it is in action with the rest of my U.N.I.T. force.

photo 4 photo 2 photo 3

Sneaky bonus shot of second Land rover:

photo 5

2 comments on “Lynx Helicopter for U.N.I.T.

  1. Oh, that whole Dalek/U.N.I.T. scenario is fan-friggin-tastic! And the helicopter is a great addition. To say I’m jealous would be an understatement…nice job indeed! 🙂

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