The Agents of A.C.E. 7TV AAR Day of the Assassin


Previously on Agents of A.C.E.

The mysterious and evil cult of the Manster have succeeded in reviving the criminal mastermind from the dead, however Hawksby and Penny Royale managed to capture and imprison him.

Acting on information from a secret source Hawksby and Penny race to the Belmont Hall Hotel to stop an attempt on the Prime Minister’s life.

Episode Recap

Escorted by police the PM is making his way on foot for the last few metres of the journey, this is against the advice of his aides, but the PM insists he wants to be seen as a man of the people, and have a chance to greet any on lookers and press.

photo 1

photo 2

Gaining the initiative the Evil side launches a surprise ambush. Colonel Klaus’ team of mercenaries ,the B-Team, spring to action, dowsing the PM’s party with gunfire and launching a devastating bazooka attack, blowing the police van up.

photo 2

At the same time the transit van roars across the street and parks just in front of the police escort, 4 thugs jump out brandishing pistols and hand weapons.
The good side are quick thinking, Hawksby bundles the PM into his car and rears down the street towards the hotel, while the police tackle the attackers. The local bobbies rush forwards and in a spate of unbelievably good truncheon work take out two of the thug. Meanwhile the armed response unit take out three of the B-team in a devastating hail of machine gun fire.

photo 2

The fire fight continues and Jackson bundles the PM through the doors into the Hotel Lobby. But he does not notice the silent form of Veronica Blood and her minions slip in after them.

photo 3

The armed police decide to back-up the PM and cross the road using the Police Car. However the two remaining B-team members grab the bazooka and launch a lucky round, the car is destroyed and one officer is killed.

photo 5

Klaus then beat a hasty retreat into the hotel via the service entrance.

The two surviving Armed police made their way into the hotel, only to be cut down by the deadly blade of veronica blood.

photo 1

photo 2

Veronica’s sister Victoria, now also in the hotel made her way to try and intercept Hawksby and the PM, who were just one room away from safety.

Penny, following Klaus into the hotel via the service entrance charges at Victoria blood, this promises to be the deadly bout of fist-cuffs we have all been waiting for, these two deadly vixens of the martial arts face to face in mortal combat. However the bout was surprisingly short, in a display of fighting prowess and fury Penny disarmed and then slew her sword wielding opponent without getting so much as a tear on her spandex catsuit.

Seeing her sister cut down, and knowing there is now no way to stop Hawksby getting the PM to safety, Veronica made her escape, vowing vengeance on Penny.


Apologies if some of the photos later on are not great, we were too excited to take proper photos, and the natural light was all gone.

Edit: I have added in a publicity shot take later to illustrate the fight between Victoria Blood and Penny Royale.

ACE Day of Assassin

4 comments on “The Agents of A.C.E. 7TV AAR Day of the Assassin

  1. Phew!!!! that was close!
    great report….looks like a fun game!

  2. Fab, Mike! Went right to the wire!

  3. Great AAR, really like your A.C.E. background. Have you tried 7TV 2nd edition?

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